Social Responsibility

Go Gorilla Trekking is firmly committed to its workers, its suppliers, and to the local communities where it operates, and this commitment takes the form of continually complying with good practices in sustainable tourism for the protection and the benefit of the environment.

As for caring for the environment, we, at Condor Travel, are wagering on sustainable tourism that is responsible and nature-friendly. Our objectives are to set activities in motion that pollute the environment to the slightest degree possible and to transmit to our customers the importance of enjoying a trip, while caring for and preserving the places they visit. Moreover, the Rainforest Alliance verification for our Cusco operations is concrete proof of the company and the staff’s efforts towards achieving that commitment.


We are well aware of our duty to support development in the communities where we operate, and, with that in mind, we created in 2007 the Wings Association, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable tourism. Its mission is to identify and to develop projects that are conducive to building synergies among our interest groups in order to maximize our passengers’ experiences.

Mullaka’s Misminay
The first project undertaken by Wings was developed in the Cusco village of Mullaka’s Misminay, located an hour and fifteen minutes from the city of Cusco. Thanks to this project, we have enhanced the education and wellbeing of community members and have engaged them directly in tourism. Condor Travel is financing the construction of additional rooms for households that have been trained and have met established deadlines.