Congo Safaris

Congo Safaris – Go Gorilla Tracking in Congo, Climb Nyiragongo volcano, visit to Communities, Idwji Island and fishing villages

Go gorilla tracking in Congo, and see the mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park.

At the moment, the only tourist activities we offer in Congo are:

  • Go gorilla trekking in the Virunga National Park: one or two days
  • Climb the Nyiragongo Live volcano. Visit Nyiragongo via Gisenyi in Rwanda
  • Visiting Idjwi Island to see the fishing villages
  • See other communities in Eastern Congo

Plans are under way to introduce Kausi-Biega National Park to our visitors, and other parks. As there are no suitable facilities and accommodations for visitors in these areas at the moment, our guests do not stay overnight in Congo. They stay the night before and after their visit there, either in Uganda or Rwanda.

Safaris to Congo

All our safaris to Congo depart from either Kampala in Uganda or Kigali in Rwanda

Departure Dates

These are private tours that can depart any day. Departures for itineraries that include a visit to the gorillas are subject to availability of permits at time of booking. Gorilla permits are in high demand and need to be booked and paid in advance! Book your gorilla safari accordingly and avoid disappointment!

Our Congo safaris include;

Gorillas in Congo – 4 Days Gorilla Tracking in Congo – DRC1. Tour begins and ends in Kigali, Rwanda

Gorillas in Rwanda and Congo – 6 Days Gorilla Tracking in Congo – DRC2. Tour begins and ends in Kigali, Rwanda

Gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo – 7 Days Gorilla Tracking in Congo – DRC3. Tour begins and ends in Kigali, Rwanda. It can also be done starting and ending in Kampala, Uganda

Nyiragongo Volcano and Lake Kivu 6 Days – DRC4. Tour begins and ends in Kigali, Rwanda

About Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), formerly Zaire is located at Latitude/Longitude 4º31′ S, 15º32′ E. It is well watered by the Congo River system and its many tributaries. The River Congo itself is 7,078 km long (2,733 miles), and is navigable for almost 1440km. Its basin contains the planet’s largest rain forest, the Congo Rain Forest. This same River basin occupies the central and northwestern parts of the country, while further south, savanna grasslands extend to the border with Angola. In the east, the land rises into a plateau with heights over 5,000 ft., and then into the higher volcanic mountains of the Great Rift Valley. Southeast, the land rises into the peaks of the Shaba Plateau. A number of lakes can be found in the country’s eastern borders, including Lakes Albert, Edward (shared with Uganda), Kivu (shared with Rwanda), Mweru and Tanganyika (shared with Tanzania and Burundi).

Congo is a land of wonder and amazement. At 2,267,600 sq. km Congo DRC is the second largest country on the African continent after Sudan. Divided into 10 provinces and one city (ville i.e. Kinshasa), the Land Divisions include; Bandundu, Bas-Congo, Equateur, Kasai-Occidental, Kasai-Oriental, Katanga, Maniema, Nord-Kivu, Orientale and Sud-Kivu. With a population of 67 million (Kinshasa the Capital 9.3 million), Congo is among the most populated countries in Africa only overtaken by Nigeria, but compared to its land size, it is, probably well populated. The country is still the ancestral homeland for over 200 ethnic groups, most descended from individual kingdoms established long before the European colonialists arrived around 1870. Since independence from Belgium in 1960, the country has experienced ethnic strife, political instability, and poor management of infrastructure – many of which the results of deprived training of local management capacities by the long gone colonialists. Because of this, to date, we only take travelers to do only two tourist activities in the relatively peaceful regions: track the mountain gorillas at Djomba (via Uganda or Rwanda); or visit the Nyiragongo live volcano (via Rwanda).

Level of Service for the Safaris

Standard accommodations. Generally our tour prices are based on mid-range accommodations. Where a client wishes to stay in low-budget places or top of the range facilities, please inform us at time of booking so that we book the accommodations of your preference and amend tour prices for you accordingly.

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