Gorilla Boom - More Gorillas Born in Rwanda

Gorilla Boom – More Gorillas Born in Rwanda

Gorilla Doctors, the known medical teams treating gorillas in the Parc Des Volcans in Rwanda have reported an unsual increase in number infant mountain gorillas born in Rwanda this year. In what has been described as a “gorilla boom” in Rwanda more than expected number of infants have been in the park.

The report indicates that 24 gorilla infants have been recorded to be born in the past seven months alone meaning that at least 4 gorillas were born monthly.

In comparison with this ending year, only 12 gorillas were born and were named at the 2013 gorilla-naming ceremony “Kwita Izina” held in June this year. However, the kwita Zina for next year will be bigger and better, given that atleast 24 gorillas have already been born.

Since inception, 161 mountain gorilla infants have been given names at different annual events, a ceremony inspired by the Rwandan naming tradition of a new baby. It estimated that a few hundreds of mountain gorillas survive in the Virunga Region, the massive area – comprising of four national parks in Rwanda.
Mountain gorillas have become a significant source of tourism revenue and forex earnings for all the 3 countries that protect mountain gorillas; Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Last year alone, the tourism industry of Rwanda that is largely based on gorilla tourism generated $281.8 million compared to $251.3 million the previous year in 2012, an increase of 17%.