[gc layout=”2″ separator=”|”][bq type=”speech” author=”Peter Dedr” author_gender=”m”]This was my first time in Africa but the the trip was a success. I managed to see the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest on a 3 days gorilla safari superbly organised by Go Gorilla Trekking. During the tour, all the hotels where we stayed were excellent and of “value for money”. Our tour guide Baker Lubega was knowledgeable about not only the flora and fauna but also but on the culture of the local people. Thank you for organising such a wonderful trip. Looking towards coming again to Uganda for another adventure with you guys! [/bq]|

[bq type=”speech” author=”Joram Hills” author_gender=”m” ]After a few emails with James, my wife and I finally agreed on taking a 4 days gorilla trek (with 2 treks). We chose this given that the tour was a very precise plan fashioned by our wishes.Though we had researched much about the trip before enquiring, James also made suggestions and we quickly modified and adjust that plan as we continuously became more educated during the process. This was what exactly what we were looking for in a travel agency.

During the real tour, everything exceeded my expectations. We give 100% rating in these aspects; punctuality (all the pick-ups and transfers to and from airports and hotels were in time), the reliability, the quality of the suggested safari lodges and hotels, and last not least also the quality of the “guides.” The latter were not just some “tourist guides” in the usual sense of the word, but actually academics and researches who were established authorities in their field.[/bq][/gc]
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[bq type=”speech” author=”Robert Stevens” author_gender=”m”]We would like to thank you for arranging such a wonderful gorilla trekking adventure to Uganda and Rwanda. We had a memorable and exciting adventure that will never fade in our memory. Though out the tour, we felt safe and secure traveling in Uganda and Rwanda. Our guide was excellent, the real link between the locals and us. We will never forget the excursion to the Batwa people in Bwindi, colorful, charming, and ever willing to share with strangers. Now we are back in Colorado, but we are only thinking about all the sights, sounds and tastes we enjoyed.

[bq type=”speech” author=”Mark Thompson” author_gender=”m”]We can’t thank you enough for helping to create such a memorable experience for us in Uganda. From the moment we arrived at Entebbe Airport, Go Gorilla Trekking took care of us for all what we needed. Everyone was extremely friendly, helpful and truly excited about our visit. I have no idea how they keep that enthusiasm up for each person that visits this beautiful country, but they did and it was awesome. We arrived at Entebbe Airport at 3.a.m. and were immediately greeted by a friendly face and informative person to guide us to our hotel. All of the lodging picked by Go Gorilla Trekking was wonderful. We were pleasantly surprised at each point of tour and we really fell in love with Africa![/bq][/gc]
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