Discover an exciting destination … lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, whales and turtles

A country of only a small population, Gabon enjoys a reputation as one of the most stable nations in Africa. Achieving independence from the French in 1960, Gabon has been the envy of its neighbours with the third highest annual revenue per person in the continent of Africa.

With a third of its gross domestic product coming from oil, Gabon is home to 13 National Parks across the country. The diversity of wildlife available on a Gabon holiday is unique. Mandrill, lowland gorilla, chimpanzee and forest elephants populate the dense interior of forests, while whales, turtles and surfing hippo can be seen on the coastline. As with any wild animals, sightings are not guaranteed and there are specific seasons to visit. Please contact us for further details and a proposed itinerary for your holiday to Gabon.

What to expect on your Gabon Holiday

Gabon is an emerging destination and travellers must bear this in mind throughout their stay. Accommodation varies from tented camps to western style luxury lodges depending on which area you are visiting. Travel and transport in Gabon, as anywhere in Africa, can often be slow and unreliable.

The traveller is advised to think of their visit to Gabon as an adventure and to bear in mind that the itinerary is flexible. Often referred to as “The Garden of Eden”, Gabon offers the traveller a multitude of different activities and often previously unexplored adventures.

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