Go Gorilla Trekking is firmly committed to its workers, its suppliers, and to the local communities where it operates, and this commitment takes the form of continually complying with good practices in sustainable tourism for the protection and the benefit of the environment.

As for caring for the environment, we, at Go Gorilla Trekking, are wagering on sustainable tourism that is responsible and nature-friendly. Our objectives are to set activities that protect the habitats in the places visited as well as the environment. We believe that on all our tours, you are supposed to take only pictures and no footprint should be left except tthe footprint of bringing a positive change to the local community. We are glad we have received a good number of responsible travelers and our company is known in the host communities of Bwindi and Mgahinga. With as low as US$20, you can leave the rangers who protect the gorillas happy.

We also endeavor to include cultural visits or local community tours so that the locals can also benefit from tourism. We encourage our visitors to atleast pay a visit to the local community, a way through which we have fostered great encounters and exchanges. We want our Social Community Responsibility to be very practical so that our visitors can also leave satisfied.

Local Community Projects

We are well aware of our duty to support development in the communities where we operate. With that in mind, we work with several local community based organizations, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable tourism. Its mission is to identify and to develop projects that are conducive to building synergies among our interest groups in order to maximize our passengers’ experiences.