Here is information that you need to know about gorilla permits.

You need an official permit handled by each of the national parks to see the mountain gorillas. Usually you have to obtain these several months in advance. It is advisable to book your gorilla permit usually 5 months in advance. While booking a gorilla tour, always pay your gorilla permit fee in advance to enable us acquire it for you. Gorilla trekking is guaranteed when you acquire a permit. They are very competitive and scarce most especially during peak seasons. Sometimes gorilla tracking permits get sold out four months in advance.

Booking Gorilla Permits in Uganda
In Uganda it costs US$ 700 per day per person for a gorilla permit. You can book the gorilla permits in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) headquarters or through a local tour operator. It is easier to make an international booking for permits through a local tour operator.

Booking Gorilla Permits in Rwanda
In Rwanda gorilla permits cost US$ 1500 per person. You can book the gorilla permits through the Rwanda Tourism Board offices (ORTPN) in Kigali or Ruhengeri (near the PNV). Gorilla Permits can also booked through a local tour operator.

In the DRC its best to use a local tour operator working in Congo, Uganda or Rwanda to arrange your gorilla permit. A gorilla viewing permit costs only USD 400 per person.

For those are planning to do a gorilla tracking safari, the following guidelines and rules would apply.